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Natural rhum brand
from Boso Peninsula.

Minami-Boso, where open-air flowers bloom even in midwinter
Minami-Boso is a rare suitable area for sugarcane cultivation in eastern Japan.
rhum is produced in an integrated production process that starts from sugarcane production.
like a winery with vineyards adjacent to it.
The terroir and flavor of Boso are fully contained in the rhum.
The rhum is produced with plenty of terroir and nourishment of Boso.

BOSO Agrikoram

Produced mainly on Caribbean islands, agricole rhum is a rare product that accounts for only about 10% of the world's rhum production. Its fresh aroma and unique flavor, which are different from those of ordinary rhums made from molasses separated during the sugar production process, are created by using freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.

BOSO Agricole rhum is a one-of-a-kind rhum made exclusively from Boso sugarcane juice, which is produced and managed in-house.

Specialty sugar cane produced only for rhum.

Sugarcane from our own farms is not used for sugar production or other purposes, but is produced organically only for rhum production. The climate, soil, and sea breezes of Minami-Boso nurture a richly flavored sugarcane that contains an amazing sweetness.
The process of making Penasur Boso rhum begins with the manual harvesting of each and every one of these sugarcane canes.

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