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BOSO Rhum Mer-海- Cuvée spéciale ESTERY2024

62 ° / 700ml, 10,000 yen (tax not included)

【Online store limited to 597 pieces】 Japan's first Ester Rum

Control of ester aroma in rum, which has been studied since the beginning of our activity as Rhum de la Péninnsule de BOSO. While we were producing other products, we repeatedly analyzed the characteristics of yeast and distillation waste, reprocessed them, and utilized them in the production of rum, Finally, a prototype was created. We decided to commercialize this prototype as the first product of BOSO Rhum Mer-海- Cuvée spéciale. Currently, it is being aged for a short time in bourbon barrels and Matebaisi to soften the pungent estery aroma, In January 2024, we will take out the four different types of original spirits, batting them and adjust the water content (planned to be around 60%), and bottle them. This is a very rare type of rum that is only produced in a few places in the world, and it is an item that has never been seen before in Japan. Considering that the ester aroma that still occurs varies from batch to batch and that it is produced in small quantities, We have decided to sell only 500 bottles of this product as a prototype, limited to our online store. For more information on the progress and details of the product, please visit our SNS and BOSO Rhum, We will keep you updated on the progress and details of the product through our SNS and BOSO Rhum News.

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