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Rhum de la Peninsule de BOSO Cask Owner 2024

Rhum de la Péninsule de Boso is looking for cask owners for the year 2024!

This time, we have prepared a plan to age the BOSO Rhum Fleur - Flowers - original wine (65%) in small 40-liter sherry casks for one year as a system that allows you to easily experience the charm of rum cask ownership.

Last year, when we aged Prologue for several months in the same cask as BOSO Rhum Mer-Sea-Cuvée Spéciale Prologue Sherry Cask, we realized how well this cask and Fleur work together and how well they can be aged in a short period of time to give the rum its full flavor.

Details of Cask Owner Plan

The basic plan is a short plan of one year aging, which is easy to commercialize, and we also offer special benefits during the aging period.

Details of Cask Owner Plan
Rum: BOSO Rhum Fleur blanc - flower - 65%.
Cask: 40-liter sherry cask *Choices of Oloroso and PX are available
Purchase price: 440,000 yen (tax included)
 Cask usage and storage fees (1 year) / 40 liters (65%) of Fleur Blanc cask / 200ml of the original wine before cask filling / Owner's certificate included
 ※1 Compensation for the original wine in the event of a decrease of more than the expected angels' share (10%/year).
 ※2 ¥5,500/month (tax included) for storage beyond 1 year

Other Expenses
Bottling fee: 220 yen/bottle
 Including our standard bottle (700ml or 500ml) and cap/owner's label set *Please contact us if you want original label or non-standard bottle.
Liquor tax: Bottling strength x 10 yen x total volume
Shipping cost: 1,100 yen (tax included) per box (up to 12 bottles)

Bottling image
1) When casked: BOSO Rhum blanc Fleur - Flower - 65% - 40 liters
2) Assumed Angeles share: 10% 36 liters
3) Adjusted addition to 40%: 58.5 liters
4)700ml bottling: 83.57 bottles Cost: 18,480 yen (tax included)
5) 500ml bottling: 117 bottles Cost: 25,740 yen (including tax)
6)Liquor tax: 23,400 yen

Cask owner benefits are also available!

Owner benefits (*advance reservation required)
Oigura Inn Seizan 50% discount on lodging
 During the ownership period, you can stay at "Oigura Yado Seizan", an old private house inn adjacent to the Boso Oigura distillery, for 50% off any number of times for 44,000 yen (up to 8 people per group).
Distillery tour
 A distillery tour is available during the Owner period (up to 4 people per group).