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Notice of Product Release Information Delay due to Bottle Discontinuation

Planned bottles to be discontinued

Regarding the BOSO Rhum blanc series of bottles that are scheduled to be released in June,
We have been informed that the planned bottles have been discontinued.

We have already ordered labels, caps, and other packaging and brochures for the release,
We are urgently discussing internally how we should respond to the situation, including in the future.
We are trying to delay the timing of the release as much as possible.
We are consulting with all related companies with a view to confirming the availability of the planned bottles and selecting other bottles.

We are very sorry for those of you who have been looking forward to the release,
For the above reasons, we are unable to provide official information about the release.

On the other hand, the production of sake is progressing smoothly,
We are all feeling a sense of frustration and want to deliver the product to you as soon as possible,
However, we will review the production process once again to ensure the stable production of our products.

We will keep you updated on the situation through our SNS and other means as needed,
Thank you for your understanding.

Future plans for bottles

We have decided to commercialize our rum in 700ml bottling in the hope that a wide range of people, from professionals to individual users, will take advantage of Penasur Boso's rum.
Since the original domestic sake standard is the mainstay of the domestic market and 700ml bottles are quite scarce in Japan, we had originally planned to jointly develop an original bottle based on a proposal from a certain manufacturer, but the plan was cancelled due to recent increases in production costs and other reasons. The photo shows the model of the bottle we had originally designed.

After that, thanks to the efforts of various people, we finally decided on the new bottle and were working on the design and promotion, but this situation came about just before we placed the order.

We understood that it is currently quite difficult to obtain the 700ml bottle we envisioned in Japan,
In the future, we aim to provide as stable a product as possible,
We would like to proceed with the renewal of our plan while considering the production of original bottles and the use of overseas products.

As a result, there is a strong possibility that the design of the bottles to be released initially will be changed,
We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to create a product with a better design and concept,
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter as well.