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What the rats and sugar cane at the entrance to the distillery mean

This season's sugar cane harvesting and preparation of rhum agricole has begun.

Harvested sugarcane is tied to the rudder (rat) of a large ship at the entrance of the Boso Oikura distillery,
Today is the start of the sugar cane harvesting and the preparation of agricole rhum for the current season.
This is our logo,It is like a cedar ball in a sake brewery that announces the production of new sake.
I wanted to use it as a signal to let people know that the sugarcane has been harvested and the rhum agricole production has started.

The sugar content is perfect!

Sugarcane brought from the fields is pressed, filtered, and put into tanks.
The BRIX of the juice on the first day was 18.2%, and as the weather gets colder, the sugarcane in Minami-Boso will become even sweeter.

Now, it is time to start the BOSO Rhum Agricole.
We wish you good rhum!