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About BOSO Industrial (Traditional) rhum

What is BOSO Industrial (Traditional) rhum?

As rhum lovers know, most of the world's rhums are made from molasses, the waste product of the sugar-making process, and this type of rum is generally referred to as industrial or traditional rum.
This type of rum is generally called "industrial rhum" or "traditional rhum." Behind this type of rhum lies a sad history of the triangular trade and slavery, as well as wild stories of pirates and sugar interests, which have fostered a unique culture that is different from that of other spirits.

Industrial" and "waste molasses" tend to give the impression of lower quality than agricole rhum, but in fact, some industrial rhums have surprisingly rich aromas and flavors, and their charm is unique to agricole.

Originally, Penacur Boso's project was to produce terroir-rich agricole rhum using sugarcane juice from Boso, and high-test morasses rhum made from our own syrup. We wanted to try to express the unique character of Boso Oikura Distillery in an industrial rhum, so we started consulting with various sources to procure scrap molasses.

However, we found out that it was very difficult to obtain the scrap molasses that we thought we could easily find, due to the decrease in the production volume caused by the improvement of Japanese sugar manufacturing technology and other reasons.

Meet one special molasses.

Just as we were about to give up on industrial rhum production, a sugarcane production supporter introduced us to a relatively nearby sugar company and offered us some of the molasses used in the production of a certain special type of sugar.
We learned from making the mash that it has an exceptionally high aroma and sweet taste, and that it ferments in a slightly unusual way and is not easily affected by bacteria. We were able to start the production of BOSO Industrial rhum.

Currently, we are making industrial rhums using a variety of approaches, such as soaking sugarcane leaves and bagasse in the mash, changing the type and timing of yeast, and utilizing yerba mate in the fermentation process, and overall, we are producing a very promising raw material.
I think this will probably be the first rhum in the world that uses this type of molasses.
We are using all the natural ingredients of Boso to create an industrial rhum that is uniquely BOSO, so please look forward to its release next spring!