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About Boso Oigura Distillery

The BOSO Oigura distillery, the base of operations for Penacur Boso, is located in an old private house in the mountains about a 10-minute drive from the sugar cane fields by the sea.
The area has a cool forest landscape that is slightly different from the image of warm Chikura, and the upstream of the Kawajiri River, which flows into the Chikura coast, is just beside the distillery, giving it a mysterious atmosphere.
The distillery is called "Oigura" by the locals from the character of the address, which is the origin of the distillery's name.

For visitors to the distillery

If you wish to visit us, please be sure to contact us in advance.

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Facilities at Boso Oigura Distillery

The Oigura distillery is equipped with two symbolic distillation units.
One is a hybrid copper distiller that can switch between continuous and single distillation, and the other is a completely original handmade distiller with a distillation column designed specifically for rhum production mounted on top of a large kettle.
The facility is also equipped with a variety of other facilities to transform harvested sugar cane into rhum, and each facility can be reconfigured to suit different recipes to produce different flavors of rhum.

Our rhum Production

It is a small distillery located at the southernmost tip of the main Boso Peninsula, but it takes advantage of its size to produce a variety of rhums, from agricole rhums made with sugarcane from its own farm to traditional rhums made with molasses.
The distillery is also equipped with a system to enhance the complexity and depth of its original rhums by using barrels from around the world and utilizing local trees for aging.
Our goal is that the one and only rhum that carries the terroir of Boso will one day spread its wings around the world and be ordered in bars around the world with the words, "One glass of BOSO! We are constantly improving our rhum production techniques with the goal of having our one-of-a-kind rhums with Boso terroir spread around the world and be ordered in bars all over the world.

Message from the Representative

We are a small one-stop distillery in our hometown of Minami-Boso that handles everything from sugarcane production to rhum production and aging. We produce organic sugarcane on our own farm, taking into consideration that it is used for distilled spirits, and we work hard every day to create a unique rhum that captures the terroir and flavor of Minami-Boso.
We also produce rhums made from molasses, which we procure through a unique route, and although small, we take a variety of approaches to rhum production. We are a new distillery that has just started, but we hope to coexist with the local community and nurture the history and culture of rhum making that can only be done in this area.

青木 大成

Taisei Aoki

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