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The story of Rum and Ester

BOSO Rhum Mer - 海 - Cuvée spéciale ESTERY2024 for release

BOSO Rhum Mer- 海- Cuvée spéciale ESTERY2024, the third in the BOSO Rhum series, will be released in late January 2024 and is now available for pre-order as an online-only product.

The estery aroma in rum is just one of the aromas produced in the manufacturing process, and as a rum fan, I am not too proud to be obsessed with it, but since the early days of Rhum de la Péninsule de BOSO, which was still an underground rum research group, the production of mysterious mystery rums has always been a topic of discussion. The production of mystery rums has always been a topic of discussion since the early days of Rhum de la Péninsule de BOSO, when it was still an underground rum study group, and we have established a category for such core rum fans and an experimental category called Mer-海 - Cuvée spéciale as our own production technique study section. We have a history of creating an experimental category called Mer - 海 - Cuvée spéciale as a category for such core rum fans and as a category to study our manufacturing techniques.

I was still collecting natural yeast and experimenting with fermentation,
One day, while drinking head and looking for a cut point, I felt esters in a rum that I had fermented half-way through an altered cane syrup that I had left to make, and this was the beginning of a full-scale production process.
After that, I continued to read literature on ester production in liquor, tried yeasts with high ester production capacity and high acid tolerance, and conducted various tests, such as producing several kinds of so-called "Dunder," but the days continued to pass without the desired results.

We felt that we would not be able to move forward if we continued to make prototypes in the dark without knowing what was going on in the mash and dunder we were making, so we contacted Chiba University to ask for cooperation from a specialized institution.
I called the person in charge of industry-academia collaboration, but he seemed to have a difficult time, but then Professor Amachi, an expert in applied microbiology, agreed to listen to me.

He was an unparalleled rum fan who suddenly brought out many bottles of rum from his laboratory during our online consultation, and showed an interest in our rum production beyond our imagination.
With Professor Amachi, who has a very BOSO Rhum-oriented career, from reggae band at school to Jamaica to rum, the production of Esterie Rum gradually stabilized, and the small batch of the original BOSO Rhum Mer-海 - Cuvée spéciale ESTERY.

Since there are still many aspects that are still under study, such as unevenness in the esters produced and changes in aroma, and it is only treated as a prototype, we have decided to limit the number of bottles to 500 for the online store.

We are trying two types of formulations, Traditional and High Test Molasses.
Some of the esters were too pronounced, so all of the bottles are being aged for a short period of 3-4 months in bourbon barrels and matebashii, and will be bottled in mid-January 2024 after batting and conditioning out of the barrels.
The current alcohol content is around 64%.
The addition of water will be determined by batting.

The tag-team with Amachi Laboratory has just begun, and we plan to have them participate in our ongoing preparation of Agricole rhum, and to begin full-scale collaboration next spring, including the Boso environmental utilization agriculture method for sugarcane.

Anyway, this is Japan's first Estery Rum.
It is a prototype, but we think it will be an interesting bottle.
We hope you will give it a try.